Superhero Events! (Event Now Over)

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Yaaay, Superhero Week is here!

At the end of this week we will have three events, where YOU get to dress up as your own superhero or supervillain. On Friday, there will be an event at The Volt and one at Ohana Rock and on Saturday there will be one at Heroes Club.

Sponsors: Grumble, Toro Mens Clothing and LoveCats

There will be prizes worth over 4000L$ in total to the winners and loads of goodies will be handed out at each event, so don’t miss it.

The contest rules are as follows:

1. Must be an Unknown Superhero or Supervillian
2.  Must be 100L$ or less in total, that includes upload fees
3. Must be made by you or using freebies
4. You must be in the Torch Readers group to win (thou you don’t need to wear the tag)
5. Keep Particles to a minimum (Some sims may be laggy)
6. Staff members (working or other wise) can not join the contest! (Yes you can still dress up though)
7. Club Staff are allowed to pick a winner in which ever way they see fit.
8. Have fun with it! <- This is rule #1

For more info, check the official website and don’t forget to join the readers club.

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