Summer Town USA – Independence Day

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Laura Liberty, the sole builder of Elizabeth Town.

Elizabeth Town is an ever-changing town. For today, the Fourth of July, it has transformed into Summer Town USA with the patriotism flowing wherever you go. This is not that surprising thou, the owner and sole creator of Elizabeth Town calls herself Laura Liberty. This is truly her holiday and she didn’t save any effort in making this town.

You better hurry up, because Elizabeth Town changes for each holiday, and Summer Town will only be there for a couple of days before Laura begins preparing for the next holiday; Halloween.

In Summer Town USA there are items for sale (and some for free) from 11 top-rated designers.

Fireworks to the tones of Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen

If you’re in a playful mood, there are a lot of toys in the park, such as a slip-n-slide and water balloons. If you just want to relax, grab a beer from the cooler and sit down by the barbecue or lay

down in the grass, listen to some classic american music (mainly Bruce Springsteen) and watch the fireworks explode behind the Statue of


If you haven’t seen the american movies, been to USA or is just curious,

Summer Town USA brings you to the very essence of the

Independence Day celebrations. I’ve never seen anyone celebrate their country as much as the americans do, and even thou I’ve never set foot in the US, I feel like picking up a flag, wave it and shout “Star spangled banner”.

Two of the designers that sells their creations at Summer Town is Nicoletta Conrad and Telle Trezuguet.

Telle had struggled a long time to find outfits that suited her particular taste, so she used her skills as a graphics designer and made her own. Her partner was impressed and suggested that she should sell the clothes. She tried it, found that many liked the same style and so Bitter Bunnie Designs was born. Aiming mainly for female neko, she has now widened her range to children and mens and has also made a lot of single items, such as tops, dresses and boots, that suits everyone. With inspiration from the japanese fashion culture, these colorful outfits is a must have.

Bitter Bunnie Designs

Join the Marching Band, there's free outfits and instruments in the box in the middle and the band is fully automated.

Nicoletta Conrad is a civil engineer in rl and has a lot of architectural experience. After hearing about architectural contests in SL, she decided to check it out. With inspiration from RL, she builds everything imaginable, from furnitures to entire sims. Her store, Dedalo Furnitures and Creations, has one basic aim: High quality furnitures for an affordable price.

Along with Nicoletta and Telle, other vendors contributed their time and awesomeness to Summer USA. Nico Soulstar, the Divine Vivianne OFlynn, Raquel GaglianoCarrie BridgerChelle PetlyakovAlkatraz ConstantineMarina Ramer,  and PsyLynn Quartz. All of them help to make Summer Town USA possible, so check them out, they are totally worth it!

You can also check out her creations in the Labyrinth of Love.


Labyrinth of Love

Owner: Laura Liberty

Theme: Depending on season

Lag: Low/manageable

Newcomer Friendliness: Very (Many freebies, no facilities costs anything, everything is easily accessible, everything but the shops and freebies available in V2 Basic and if everything else fails, Laura Liberty spends most of her time on the sim)


Article and images by: Morphman

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