Stepping Back to Medieval Times

Stepping Back to Medieval Times
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It seems like Medieval Times when Second Life began just 12 years ago. With the community celebrations, it is just a reminder to us, of how far we all have come. The advent of meshes into our lives have made it all better. The graphics, animations and Huds have transported us to the time where we will soon see ourselves in the future Sanskar project, that is, the next version of Second Life.

Talking of the future, a few days back, I was visiting a job agency where I saw a vacancy for Island Oasis. When I researched more about its whereabouts, I found that it is also a virtual world based on open source code like Second Life, InWorldz and other virtual worlds. Many residents, especially the business owners have also set their foot in this world.

A warm welcome at the Welcome portal by the the volunteers of Island Oasis and a freebie mall next to it to style up your avatar, reminded be of the good old days in Second Life when we used to duck walk around wandering what to do next. Island Oasis works under the guidance of Sugar Paolino.

The Paolino group, reaches out to the residents with various contests and talent shows to build a community. The best part is, they offer residential lands for free for 60 days of about 4896 sqm with 280 prims similar to the upcoming Sanskar project, as was recently announced in the SL12B celebrations. The upload charges, classifieds, imports and money trees are freely available to all it residents. This offer is quiet similar to what InWorldz offers. However, the money trees can only be available to new residents during their first month, diluting the concept that money doesn’t grow on trees.

With 234 active regions, 10202 residents and 924 unique log ins in the last month, this world must be checked out, if you want to visit the road already traveled again.

My Wardrobe Credits

Outfit ~ Posh Tales Verdandi ~ Medieval Fantasy Fair 5 ~ available in regular and maternity edition worth L$199 and L$299 respectively ~ landmark

Accessories ~ LUAS ~ marketplace

Stalls for fish, tavern bar, market and vegetable garden~ Homebase ~ Medieval Fantasy Fair 5

Hair ~ Damselfly Shyanne rigged mesh

Makeup ~ Noya

Pose ~ Isomotion turnaround


Debby Sharma

She has been writing since March, 2012. She joined hands with The Torch: Entertainment Guide on November 14th, 2013. Later she joined SL Enquirer in August, 2014. Cultured The Magazine in late November, 2014. She is the Marketing Co-ordinator of The Best of SL and Miss Virtual World. She also dedicates some to time to run a virtual business called, Indian Paradise and Chahit Estates. Writing did not happen by chance for her. She has been a blogger @ 4m my Eyes! and after 9 failures she has learnt to grasp it at last. When she is not busy writing, she spends her time in learning something new.

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