Steamed Yet Again

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I’ve been loving Steam the Hunt and having participated in a few of them previously I’ve certainly not been disappointed this time around. This picture is taken in front of a Tesla Turbine inside one of the fantastic display steampunk flying contraptions at Steampunk the sim. With an inworld name of Steam Engineer, it would come as no surprise I love Steampunk.

Today Steam is wearing:
Hat – Hatpins: Spare Parts Tophat, Steam 5 hunt gift
Moustache – Gugu Dada: Moustache, Steam 5 hunt gift
Monocle – Avatar Bizare: AB Monocle of The Dragon, Steam 5 hunt gift
Goggles – Jolbey & Jasper: Aviator goggles, Steam 5 hunt gift
Necklace – Collisions: Pandemonium Necklace, Steam 5 hunt gift
Shirt – aftershok: Steam shirt, Steam 5 hunt gift 
Cincher – Punkd Out Designs: Cincher, Steam 5 hunt gift
Arm wraps – aftershok: Steam gloves, Steam 5 hunt gift
Boots – aftershok: Steam Boots, Steam 5 hunt gift
Arm implant – [param]: Steam powered arm implant, Steam 5 hunt gift
Gun – Noddystuff: Grapling Gun, steam 5 hunt gift
Kneepads – [T.KING]: Spiked kneepads L$100
Arm Bracer – [T.KING]: Spiked bracer L$125
Belt – [T.KING]: Reload belt L$125
Hair – SF Designs: Hat hair, store gift
Eyes – Sterling Artistry: September Exploration, store gift

The Steam5 hunt blog can be found here and it runs until the end of the month.

As always please do note the items featured were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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