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Second Life celebrates eight years of innovation, community — and amazing Residents! SL8B is a birthday event filled with live music and exclusive places to explore. I picked this outfit up, again by Black Opal, at their exhibition on the birthday sim. It’s a great freebie for those who like Steampunk – the belt is actually scripted with turning cogs in the buckle.

The link to the Linden Labs official wiki/blog for the birthday celebration is here and here.

There is so much to see, its like every annual expo you’ve ever seen rolled into one! Go see it, it runs until July 2.

Today Steam is wearing:
Nantes suit – from Black Opal at the SL8B sim
Elord hair – free on the marketplace – previously blogged here
Boots – free gift from In Her Shoes
This picture was taken at the Unzipped, Steam Powered Nuts store, you must go and have a look, it is amazing and as usual edited in GIMP.

As always please do note the items featured were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun and exploring – SL8B is a great opportunity to do exactly that.

Word: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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