Spring Days: Day 2 Linden Realms

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The second day of spring finds you walking through a bright and colourful forest. On your travels you find yourself picking up crystals of different colours.

There is a rumble that seems to be coming from behind you… and just as you turn…

This is Linden Realms, Second Life’s very own MMORPG created by Linden Labs. You run around collecting different types of crystals. Each crystals gives you a Linden reward. But be careful….listen out for the rumbling.

Linden_Realms05 Linden_Realms04 Linden_Realms03 Linden_Realms01

Run around Linden Realms and I mean run, I know I said I walked but that was BIG mistake, as soon as you hit the ground in the forest, start running and never look back.

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