Spooky You: Interview with False Imako

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How did you think of this event?
Well, I live in Hawaii. We don’t have the changing of seasons here and Halloween misses its full effect. We’re deployed here with themilitary, you see. I’m used to the cold weather, pumpkin patches and such. I’d been bemoaning about it to a friend of mine for a few weeks at that point and she said “Why don’t you have some sort of store event.” Well… the store event turned into the idea for a party which morphed, within seconds into this idea for a little three-week event.

What is your role in this event?

Other than being one of the merchants in the event; I’m also the organizer, builder, public and merchant relations person and the all around schemer behind the whole thing.

Who does the event aim at?

Well, when I started on the whole idea, I was hoping to maybe get ten merchant friends to join. Crossing my fingers that we’d get any kind of input at all. I’m a long-standing merchant in a group called “The Thrifty Goth” and honestly… They were my main audience, at the time.

What has been your main inspiration?

Well, I knew that the “gothlings” (What I normally call my friends in the Thrifty Goth) didn’t have any sort of Halloween event going on. I mean, sure there’s a few others put on by a few stores… but no real FAIR of this type. Originally… I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do. The build literally -fell- together. The merchants started signing up en mass…. and I was so giddy with excitement. I pulled a few all nighters and 20 hour days. Started with a skydome that I’d found a year back and some sculpted decorations from a donating merchant and BOOM. It all turned into this uninspired mess of amazing.

How does the event contribute to the newbie population of SL?

Well, I know that the newbie population isn’t prone to having a large amount of money. But with each merchant having something available for ten lindens or less, it really does display the quality of the merchants to anyone that were to come visit. They’ll have a chance to visit places they may have never even heard of before. There are some places even offering freebies during the event as well. And yes, I’m well aware that as a newbie even 10L is a bit much, but I wouldn’t feel like a quality person if I -demanded- the involved merchants to give away freebies.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the event?

Original intention was to have a couple of small time merchants together where we’d have a party on the 29th. Giving away a few gifts and such. Hoping for some traffic and sales. But at the size we’ve achieved, it’s easily turned into a seasonal thing. I’m not really sure what to expect at this point. We’ve got traffic. We’ve got sales. I’m not sure, yet, how the merchants feel about being involved. If they think it’s worth it to join us for the Christmas/Yule season. As this has quickly become a seasonal event idea.


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