Spector – Celestine (a indie music review)

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Spector consists of the 5 London boys Frederick Macpherson (previously known from, among others, Les Incompetents), Christopher Burman, Thomas Shickle, Jed Cullen and Danny Blandy. After some recognition and live tours with bands like Florence and the Machine, they have decided to release their debut album “Enjoy It While It Lasts“, scheduled for August 13th this year.

Their latest single, Celestine, is all about grabbing the now. There is no time better than the current time and if you wait too long it might be too late. Starting off on a low note, they quickly pick the pace up and before the third line is sung, you’ll be dancing in your chairs while listening to this song.

Macpherson is singing to Celestine about how he wants her to let go of the past and see him for who he is today, that they both are young now but that won’t last forever. Even if mistakes are made, and he might feel miserable and not so confident, now is still a better time than tomorrow to take in life as tomorrow these feelings about himself might change, but not the feelings towards Celestine.

However, if she waits too long, and he regains his confidence, he might meet a girl who was miserable before and Celestine will miss her chance.


The music video starts of with a gag that was eerily close to how I found this video, with a youtube search and a typo. And of course, it is in the desert, where all the great videos are recorded (according to one of the many texts that pops up in the video). As many early videos, this feels a bit under-directed, but you can clearly see that they had fun with it and every element in it still manages to be relevant to the song, even if nothing in it really is what they sing about. Confidence is shown through a mirror, misery through loneliness and time is shown by a glass ball and reverse footage of water splashing.


I give Spector – Celestine 4/5


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