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By the time of the Sony Conference, it was 2AM here in the UK and I was very tired. What made it worse was that the conference was 2 hours long. Because it was so long, I’m going to glaze over a few things that aren’t really game related but that won’t be till later. For now, let me talk about the beginning…

They opened with “Destiny” a game coming out all platforms. But coming to the PlayStation 4 first. It was just a trailer, some people already have the beta so showing gameplay at this point is pretty redundant but the trailer did fall in to one trap. They fell in the, what I like to call, ‘the special player MMO trap‘. The (what I assume is, haven’t got the game) narrator say “you are Earth’s last hope”. As a selling line it’s clichéd and not much else. But in an MMO it tinted with the thought that that line has been said to every player in the game. So “you are Earth’s last hope” with the other few million people who are also Earth’s last hope.

After that, they moved on to 1st party with the delayed “The Order 1886”. They showed off a new gameplay trailer that had showed the Victorian steam-punk horror of the game. It looks good, but I’ve been thinking that for months. Because of the press around the game, it’s safe to say your mind is probably already made up about if you want the game or not.

Then came this conference’s ‘art game’, “Entwined”. All the live conferences seemed to show off at least one game that could be called an ‘art game’. Which is good. It keeps the industries artistic integrity and auteurism. It bad because I can’t really talk about it. It’s a ‘play for the experience‘ deal.

Then they showed of some “INfamous: Second Son” stand-alone DLC called “First Light”. It’s more “INfamous” you can get with out the game proper.

Then came the obviously live announcement of “Little Big Planet 3”. I say live because they had people playing it and they kept messing up to the laughs and cheers of the audience. Was pretty funny. The game has gone 4 player co-op. Can’t really sugar-coat it. It makes for some interesting puzzles though. But was it added for the puzzles or because everyone else was doing it. Either way, it just more ‘LBP’ with 3 added characters on top of sack-boy.

Another new game was announced, from the creators of “Dark Souls”. A Gothic horror game called “Bloodborne” and it look amazing. It looks like a “Dark Souls” game but Gothic, horror and really bloody. It was only a pre-rendered trailer (dick move) but it’s right up my ally so I’ll be watching out for this one.

They showed off more “Far Cry 4”. I’d repeat myself if I said anything. Look at the Ubisoft conference for details. Although, they did announce that there is a co-op mode (calling in backup mode rather then a whole co-op) where you can call in for help from a friend who doesn’t have the game. So people who don’t have the game can come in as player 2. Without the game. That’s a big deal. If you don’t mind being second-fiddle and story separate, (which is a big ask,) you can play the game for free.

Now I’m going to rattle off the the bits because that come in dense areas of information wrapped in a lot of PR talk:

  • A “Dead Island 2” (pre-rendered) trailer was shown. Seems like they have got the tone right this time. Somewhere between silly and “Dead Rising”,

  • Battlefield: Hardline”, just go to my EA write up for more,

  • The Hulk will be a PlayStation only character for “Disney Infinity”,

  • Destiny” will got PlayStation only content. Guns, ships, stuff and a multiplayer and co-op map,

  • Magica 2” was announced for PS4 in a really funny live action trailer,

  • Grim Fandango” is being remastered in tandem with Double Fine and is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita,

  • Devolver Digital is coming to PlayStation platforms, (“Broforce” [PS4/Vita], “Titan Souls” [PS4/Vita], “Not A Hero” [PS4/Vita], “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number” [PS3/PS4/Vita], “The TALOS Principle” [PS4],

  • Suda51 announced “Let It Die”, a gruesome free-to-play game for PS4,

  • ABZU” was announced by the leavers of ThatGameCompany, Giant Squid,

  • No Man Sky” was announced to make its debut on PS4. The game looks amazing. Its a old styled, futuristic, shooter. It really does look amazing and it defiantly worth a look when you get the chance.

  • A brief word about the Morpheus VR headset working with the PS Camera and a few of the demo games,

  • PSN will get a YouTube, Twitch and UStream uploader,

  • Play Room” will get an update,

  • Then there was a free-to-play talk which managed to get in a crack about having to pay for Xbox Live to play free-to-play games,

  • PlayStation Now will beta on July 31st (Only in the US and Canada, screw you Sony) and you can just get Duelshock 3 or better to get the service on your TV. No need for consoles,

  • PlayStation TV to be released for $99 (US and Canada Only, screw you Sony),

  • Mortal Kombat X” was shown. Much like the previous with is brutal x-ray shots and finishers,

  • The “Powers” comic is getting an adaptation (airs in the US in December) but PS Plus subscribers can get the pilot for free,

  • A new “Ratchet & Clank” film trailer was shown. I adore “Ratchet and Clank” so seeing that the adaptation still has the same voice actors and charm is great. Also hearing that Insomniac games are in the loop is good. They are also making a ‘re-imagining’ of the first game. So they are making a movie tie-in game re-boot. That I dread,

  • A really long “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain” character trailer was shown. I looks alright. It’s what we’ve come to expect from MGS these days really,

  • Batman: Arkham Knight” shown. Looks amazing. Keeps the good mechanics of the previous games and adds am armed and strafing Batmobile and open world. There will also be PS only content in the shape of ‘Scarecrow Nightmare Missions‘ what ever that will be,

  • And finally, an “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” ‘Drake getting up’ trailer was shown. Turns out it was in engine. Which is amazing because it looks brilliant.

So that is it for the live conferences. This would of been a lot longer if I talked about each thing individually so If I didn’t talk about something you like for long, well tough. The whole thing was nearly 2 hours long! I’m not going talk about everything. At least not in detail.

And Sony; please have some consideration for poor slubs like me who have to watch the streams to cover it. Don’t have your conference at 2 in the freaking morning. Do it the day after. Like Nintendo did this year. Actually, considering all your extra services I really wanted are only going to available in the US and/or Canada only, you can eat a dick. Until it comes to Europe, then we will fellate you because PlayStation. But I’d still be allowed to knee you in the taggers for being late and ignoring me.

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