Songs That Scary Me: Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

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This one ‘dates’ me just a bit. When it was first released it launched a whole era of rock music and initially was not well received by people and contemporary music critics of the day. But for young juveniles it was raw, rebellious and dark. I didn’t hear it until several years later right about the time I was ‘coming of age’ and late one night at a buddies basement party room, with little or no lights he slapped this on the record player and I began to freak out. I never heard anything like this before even will all the music my much older brother and sister played with their friends that I was exposed to it was a radical departure from anything I had been exposed to. Not sure if it was the bells, the chains, the lighting claps, the rain that captivated me or the slow rhythmic guitar that runs throughout, but that voice and blood curdling screaming sent me over the edge.

Written by: Bain Finch

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