Songs That Scare Me: aTelecine – 4 A.M.

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Many already know that former adult entertainer Sasha Grey turned her back on the adult industry and went on to be a successful Hollywood actress, but did you know she was also a musician?
Between her on-screen careers, she was part of the experimental project aTelecine. Their musical style is hard to define, as each song seems to be completely different from the former and it varies from the noisy album aVigilant Carpark to the ambient The Falcon and The Pod, from which today’s song is taken.

4 A.M. uses a darker, slower sound than most songs of the electro-industrial genre with a seemingly simple beat to it, but as you listen to it you’ll hear the many layers of sounds circling around. If you listen to it with head phones, it is hard to sit straight as the music confuses your ears, making you feel you’re turning around. Bundle that with the eerie echoes of the vocals that whisper to you about how reality itself is falling apart around you and you get an almost hallucinogenic experience.

After All scared us because of the feeling of impending doom, Timothy scared us because of the subject of the lyrics, but 4 A.M. scares us because it makes us loose touch with reality for the 5 minutes the song lasts.

Listen to aTelecine – 4 A.M. here!

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