Some Gaming News [Mid-week Call]

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Hello! I keep getting told to do this . And when I say told to I’m meant to be doing this every weekend. And I have missed two weeks because of… stuff… That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Anyway, on to gaming news. I will be brief as I will do a full run-down of the week’s news this weekend. promise. Hopefully…

Finished “Assassins Creed III” yet? No? Well tough. Rather then the 3/4 years gap that was between AC2 and 3 [No I am not counting Brotherhood or Revelations because I can and they don’t have numbers on them] its only going to a year between releases. “Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag” was shown off on Monday.

Yes, they are making a pirate themed assassins creed. The most interesting part of the trailer was the name of the character you play, Edward Kenway. And considering because [SPOILERS: Desmond dies at the end of AC3] it will be interesting how he fits into the lineage.

With the new generation of consoles out and/or squaring up for the fight ahead, the newest contender is gearing up for it release. Gabe Newell said in an interview with the BBC [after getting a fellowship with academy at the BAFTA’s] “We’ll be giving out some prototypes to customers to gauge their reactions, I guess, in the next three to four months.” So around E3 is when most of us will get our mitts on the box then.  Although some competitors aren’t worried by a new contender. Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business, said “No” when he was asked if he saw the Steam Box as a competitor and then said “The scale of products and things that are being brought to market are probably a little bit richer when I look at Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and Google” I can’t help but that he may be underestimating the 50 million users they have on Steam.

And as quick news, the exclusivity deal that Microsoft had with Mojang over “Minecraft” will be ending soon and Jens Bergensten, current head of “Minecraft” said “When it runs out we’ll consider Minecraft for PlayStation, but Wii U is very unlikely.” Wonder how that goes down with Nintendo owners.

That’s it for the news. Should see you on the weekend.

And if you haven’t seen already, check out the “Relay For Life” on “Second Life” you may have seen it elsewhere on the site. [Nudge, Nudge].  It’s for charity so at least have a look.

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