So you wanna be a Neko…

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Kitty as a Neko

So you wanna be a Neko…

My name is Kitty and many see me without my kitty attributes, i.e. ears and tail. They say well if you’re a neko it means you dress or act as a cat all the time. I have been a builder for a while so because of that I can’t always wear my kitty wear but I am still a neko. When a person decides they want to become a neko they first start looking around for the best places to purchase neko items. When the honest people will tell you names of stores in world. The thing is there are stores also on market place that can help you with some fantastic tails and ears. You can find some great skins and even some clothing designed for nekos. More often than not you can find more on marketplace for neko than what you can find in world not that there isn’t stuff in world too. Keep in mind that there loads of stores that sell neko products.

Now to be a good neko you need at least the desire to be neko as well as a good set of ears and a tail. Now to really be a neko you need to understand that being neko is not the same as being a cat furry. Furries are a different group in Second life and many nekos and furries would be insulted if someone mixes the terms up. Now I have been a neko since I started in Second Life and that was several years ago, that means that I have first-hand experience dealing with these things. The big thing to keep in mind is that not everyone accepts nekos and that is mostly because they don’t understand them. Keep in mind also that some people don’t really understand how to act as a neko. Nekos do have their own language and culture but they are pretty much like all part human part animals in Second Life.

One of the best things that a person can do when looking into being a neko is to talk to people who are nekos and learn from them. Anyone can contact me and ask for some advice on how to be a neko, and not just because I am one but because I enjoy making others happy. Now this article is just the first of a small series of articles that I will be doing on several sub-cultures here in Second Life.  I will also cover the basics of getting yourself set up as a vampire, an inu (like a neko only doglike), kitsune, and many others. If anyone who reads this has special requests for a sub-culture that is not being covered feel free to IM, notecard, or even email me and I will post one as soon as I can. In the meantime please keep reading and I will see all again in my next article on being a neko in second life.

2 thoughts on “So you wanna be a Neko…

    1. Neko is a shortening of the Japanese word nekomimi, meaning cat. A dog would either be a furry or a dog-man, as far as I know. The principle is the same thou, you would take on dogs ears and a dogs tail and various degrees of other “prosthetics” until you have a blend between man and dog that you are happy with.

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