SL9B – The Torch Playground, Pay It Forward

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As the SL9B, or Second Life 9th Birthday, is creeping towards its end I thought it could be a good idea to let you know The Torch had its own exhibition there.

In the theme of Community, we wanted to show how we saw and experienced the community feeling in SL, a lot of people getting help and ideas by those who knows, and in turn helps those who ask them later, paying it forward. Second Life is like a huge playground, where people (and animals, robots and all sorts of sentient beings) live together, a place where a half-cat can walk into an 80’s pop club and noone raises an eyebrow. To symbolize this, we made our exhibit into an actual playground, with people of different sorts, ages and cultures play together, exchanging ideas and passes on torches to each other.

SL9B Clubhouse
The Tree Clubhouse
SL9B Pay It Forward
Paying it forward
SL9B Sandbox
SL is like a huge sandbox, and in this one you can get free stuff 😉
SL9B Sliding
Slip slip sliding away
SL9B Swording
Don’t worry, it’s foam swords 😉

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