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SL11B Press Day ~ June 21, 2014

SL11B Press Day ~ June 21, 2014
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The count down has begun for the Birthday Celebrations of Second Life. On 21st June, 2014, the curtains would raise. All we have seen are the sneak peek until now in the form of videos and posts from the Second Life Community. Now the time is coming for you to have a real look and take a sneak peek for yourself.

If you would like to blog for Second Life’s 21st Birthday Party, and join the community for The Press Day on Saturday, 21st June, 2014, It opens at 12:00 PM SLT till 12:00 AM SLT on Saturday.

Special guided tours are also arranged at the Welcome Area at

2:00 PM,

4:00 PM and

6:00 PM.

You can also explore the 21 sims by yourself.

Press Packs will be given out to everyone consisting of goodies donated by exhibitors.It would contain information on the Long Walk, a special hunt being organized and the list of important land marks.

Press members are welcome to take snapshots, videos and blog on what they experience. Press Tours include main attractions and fantastic residents created builds. Its is recommended to take one of the Press Tour.

All members of the press who have signed up for the Press Group are also welcomed to attend the Press Day. It would be a great help if you would kindly fill up the form to help the community organize the numbers.


Visit the link and fill up the form. 


you may visit to read more and fill up the form.


You are very welcome to the Press Day. See you there.


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