SL10B Photo Contest!

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SL10B, the community celebration that is in the midst of planning a huge birthday party for Second Life’s 10th birthday, has announced their first official contest. The contest is a photo contest, where users should submit photos that reflect the theme of the celebration, “Looking Forward, Looking Back.”

Below is the official announcement of this contest, which you can find on the official SL10B blog:

SL10B Community Celebration “Official” PHOTO CONTEST

The Second Life community encompasses many incredibly talented people from around the world who have displayed their skills in various forms across the grid over the past ten years.

This year the SL10B Community Celebration Team thought – “What better way to involve the residents  in the celebration than to hold a photo contest?” This will allow the  Second Life community to be creative in expressing this year’s  “Looking Forward, Looking Back” theme.

The enjoyment of photography to express yourself and to have fun is all you need to enter, with categories for photographs simply taken inworld, and photographs that have been edited out of world with software such as Photoshop, Gimp or getpaint.

PHOTO CONTEST: BEFORE the Birthday Celebrations
PHOTO CONTEST OPENS:  Sunday, May 5, 2013
PHOTO CONTEST ENDS: Thursday, June 6, 2013 midnight

SL10B Second Life Community Celebration Photo Contest
Theme: “Looking Forward, Looking Back” Ten Years of Second Life

Photographs submitted by the Second Life community should illustrate SL10B Community Celebration theme  “Looking Forward, Looking Back”  – Second Life over the past 10 years.

Deadline for the contest is June 6th 2013.

– Submit a maximum of two photographs per avatar name
– Photos must NOT show the SL10B Community Celebration regions (we hope to have a later contest for photos of those!)
– Explore the virtual world of second life community for the perfect picture that represents the theme.
– Pictures must be posted in the flickr group “SL10B Celebration Photo Contest”:
– Competitors must indicate whether the photograph is Category A (using only the tools available within the browser) or Category B (using tools outside the viewer, such as photo editing software).
–  SL10B Celebration Team reserve the rights to use photograph submissions for event advertisement.
–  Photos must be PG, make it family friendly keep it clean and FUN or risk disqualification.
–  Descriptive text may accompany the photograph
–  Deadline of submission of picture is June 6th, 2013, midnight SLT


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