SL Relationships: Advice by BreeElle Adored

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So you think you have found your Second Life BFF or love YAY! good for you! Having been evolved with social network relationships and in a real life relationship for many years I was asked to pass on some advice concerning relationships be they real or of a Second Life nature.

TAKE YOUR TIME, do not rush things. Get to know the other person. Talk, talk and then talk some more. Be it

Take your time, get to know them, talk, talk then talk some more

a RL or SL relationship lay a strong foundation on which to build and grow together. UNDERSTANDING your  partner/friend/lover is key. People have different wants, needs, beliefs, goals, ethics and morals. Understanding who you are going to share your time with is important before you commit.

Honesty and trust in any relationship, SL or RL is Essential.

HONESTY AND TRUST are essential. Weather you decide to have a friendship, love affair, a monogamous relationship or an open relationship your friend or partner /partners deserves to know where they stand.RESPECT each other! It is not always necessary to share the same likes or dislikes, wants, needs, beliefs, goals, ethics and morals as your friend or love. But if you do not , you still need to respect them. Lets face it people are all different, a wonderful thing, and they change over time, it is natural. This can be a great adventure for you both or can cause you to drift apart. Either way respect each other.

That said if you just can’t wait to become intimate or do not want a serious relationship, good for you! It is a natural thing :} Find some like minded soul or souls and enjoy yourselves! There is no reason you can not avail yourself of the pleasures available in SL. However I would advice more caution in RL.

BreeElle Adored

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