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There are some days when you badly want to go into Second Life and your hands are tied up due to a server break down. Although this reason doesn’t happen for most of you, some of us have to have it time to time. There may be natural disasters in the neighboring states and the internet would not respond. Such was my condition last night when I had a cocktail party to attend. The only internet service I could reach with great difficulty was the mobile internet. This was the beginning of the reason for the search of other programs available to us on mobile internet to open Second Life.


Few weeks back, I had written an article on SL Go application.

A few others are as follows:


A paid android application on the Google Play which is as good as the SL Viewer on a system.  It is an OpenSim and Second Life client., where you can teleport to your favorite destinations, chat in instant messages and local. You can also interact with objects, manage your inventory and view the world like a viewer in 3D. The biggest merit of all is it supports mesh. Its size is 6 mb and requires android 2.3 and up.


An OpenSim and Second Life client which helps the user to message in ims, groups or local, auto response in ims when away, manage inventory, search, mini map, ability to teleport and more. The file size is 677 kb and requires android 1.5 and up. It is a paid app, wherein the first 14 days are free.


An android application, available on Google Play, which has a list of Second Life clubs associated with it. You can download the app (only 999 kb) to play the live stream of music played at those clubs. It requires Android 2.2 and up versions. A Shoutcast and Icecast compatible application which has stylish buttons and the best thing is the music can be played in the background.


A free application to send instant messages to people who are online or nearby. Another feature other than chat is you can open your mini map. To teleport to a selected destination, you have to purchase the app.. The file size is as low as 249 kb and works with android 2.1 and up. It supports only Second Life client.


As the name suggests, DroidSL is for Second Life clients only. It is a one way communication service that allow users to send instant messages to other Second Life avatars. A 807 kb file supporting android 1.6 and up can be only used to send text that act like pages.


A fine application by Inch SynchTech, where you place a robot, i.e., bot at a place or a region where you would want to interact with others. The bot acts in place of your second life avatar like a proxy, when you are away from your region. All you need to do is rez the bot (11 prims with modify permissions) and you will receive messages that are sent to you by the visitors of the region as pages. The bot also helps keep a check on the lag and sim restart options. Avatars can be added or banned using the system.  A limited time free trial can be availed to check the system out. The file size for your phone is 229 kb for android 2.2 and up.


What are your reviews about these software? Are they worth or something new must come up?

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