SL Destinations – Urban Zombie

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Klatu had a vision about a post-apocalyptic world, where zombies and monsters had taken over the streets and the only way to survive was to pack as much heat as possible and run for your life.

He made this vision reality with the roleplay area Urban Zombie, where you take on the role of one of the survivors and try to survive as long as possible. Forget high places or hiding spots, there aren’t any in this city, you have to constantly be on the move to get out alive.

Urban Zombie is a “realistic fantasy” place, where the real-world elements, such as weapons and the landscape around you and your own abilities are realistic, but mixed with fantasy in the form of the monsters roaming the streets, rooftops and air. To add to this realism, everyone is given a hud that monitors your health, experience, level, spawn point and other necessary things as well as acting like your hotbar for the potions and items you may find or buy. The combat system used in Urban Zombie is called GRIM and is both advanced and really easy to use. There are “save points” in the safe zones that will activate when you walk over them wearing the hud. The last one activated will be your spawn point when you die.

The weapons (that Izzie will talk more about in a later post) used are mostly made by Mistral Munitions and are light on the sim resources, handles realistically, comes with many options and ranges from free to 500L$ (there is one seriously overpowered one for 800L$ thou). You may use guns from other creators, but some brands are banned due to the heavy scripts or inferior firepower (they are basically made for other types of monsters and lack the firepower to take down those in Urban Zombie). Also, gatling/mini-guns, explosives and nuklear weapons are banned for obvious reasons.

PVP is turned off to prevent experience loss from other players accidentally (or sometimes intentionally) killing you, but if you ask really nicely and proves that you can handle it, you can get a special hud from Klatu or one of the officers that allows your own character to be gunned down by other players. This does not make you respawn at the save point, but you will be knocked out for 30 seconds, giving your opponents plenty of time to hide.

Klatu showed off some of his new monsters. They are just out of screen, the rest of you will have to wait until they are implemented 😛

Due to recent griefer attacks, there is an age restriction of 10 days and you need to be age verified to enter the sim, but the age limit will be lifted shortly.

If you feel up for a challenge, there is a shooting range with many options ranging from pop-up targets, to moving targets, to bottle shooting. Be warned thou, Klaty himself broke every record using nothing but bow and arrows.

Beside the main city, there are several side areas you can teleport to if you want to mix things up. These areas changes with time, at the time of writing there is the Refinery (using only zombies from the Zombie Detection system, same as Dead Zone used), the Airport and the newest addition: Camp Crystal Lake. All of these are filled to the brim with crazy monsters, realistic scenery and a lot of clever jokes.

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