Skrill Helps Linden Lab Expand Second Life Payment Options

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Skrill, one of Europe’s largest leading online payment companies, have announced a collaboration with Second Life creator Linden Lab to integrate the Skrill Digital Wallet payment method for the virtual world’s users. Second Life has a booming economy represented by its virtual currency the Linden Dollar (L$), which is used by its users to pay for goods and services within its virtual space.

Since its beginning in 2003, millions of Second Life users have taken part in this vibrant economy and Linden Lab have paid millions to the virtual world’s content creators every year.

Skrill’s Digital Wallet provides users with a secure and easy method to send and receive Linden dollars, Linden Lab CFO Malcolm Dunne comments:

At Linden Lab we are constantly looking for new ways to provide exceptional service to our customers. By integrating with Skrill, we’ve expanded the options for Second Life users to process their online payments, which is a critical piece of our product “We’re excited to offer this new functionality, giving our customers another secure, quick, and convenient way to participate in the Second Life economy.”

Skrill will assist in serving Second Life users by offering more than 100 payment methods through its digital wallet, including local payment options for international Second life users.

This exciting new change will hopefully change the way money will be sent and received within the virtual world. Is this a change for the better or not?

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