Sirena Hair, home of the Mermaid

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Sirena Hair

Teleport may seem a tad too much for such a small sim, but it's a great display of how easy it is to make

Owner: Natalia Zelmanov (the Mermaid)

Have you ever read the Mermaid Diaries? If you want to learn how to create… well anything, Mermaid Diaries is the first place to look for help. It is a blog filled with tutorials for everything from how to create a basic shirt to how to build your own sim.

She built her own sim, where she sells awesome hair for both men and women, mostly female flexi hair. She also has a nice selection hair with the ability to change shape automatically when you put on a hat. It is also the home of her tutorial supplies, where you can get everything you need, with examples, for completing all tutorials on her blog. Even if you’re not using the tutorials, there are some great stuff here for all creators. For example, there’s a full alpha texture, if you want to make something invisible, and the simplified version of the LoopRez Generator for making skirts, jewelry or anything else where you need to rez copies of a prim in a circle or ellipse.

The sim is tiny, but filled with surprises (as you already know, I LOVE surprises). Right at the landing pad, there’s a sign

One of the awesome hairs for men, Philippe

with a map, showing the layout of the island. Click on a name, and you’ll get teleported to that area. If you turn around, you have an amazing view of the ocean. If you decide to walk to your destination (don’t worry, it’s not far to anything here) you’ll find all the new stuff recently added to the store along with an information and contact center. All of this has a gigantic, murky tree as a backdrop. Look around the tree to find a bunch of sitting spots, perfect for that profile picture, or just for relaxing. Surrounding this area is the mens hair and womens wet/hat hair along with some free stuff, such as the sculpty hat designer kit, that contain everything you need to design your own fashionable hats.

Further in, toward the other end of the island, lies the fantastic

Sitting on a mushroom with my new spikes, these are a two-parter and comes in many colors, mix and match

Mermaid Lake with a bunch of poseballs for both mermaids and humanoids. I couldn’t help myself here, I had to take a picture at every poseball, but for every ball I tried, I found two others hiding in a spot I thought I’d looked at before. This place holds the most surprises, I’ve been here dozens of times, but I find something new every time I come here.

Around the lake are the dresses, some hats and the thing most people come here looking for: Freebies and tutorialsupplies.

Pricerange: 0-195L$

Lag: 3 (Little to no lag)

Newbie Friendliness: 9 (You need to know how to buy things, that’s all)

Personal Rating: 9 (I’ve found this a place worth revisiting, it’s my own little hideout when I want to get away from the world)

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