Second Life Walkthrough: No Place Like Home

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So you have a job, you’ve gotten used to the basic things in Second Life, but there is still one little thing missing. A place to Forrentset your home. Now when you log into SL now, you normally log in to the last location we were when you logged out again. If you had a home, that would be a set point for your log in.

So how do you find a place to stay? There are several rental companis in SL that sell parcels, skybox and such. Parcels are a little advance, that is when you are really interested in making a full commitment to Second Life, it also comes under LAND OWNERSHIP, which is something we’ll get into another time. Boy, is that totally complicated. There are two ways of finding a place to call home. They are:

Becoming a premium Second Life member.

Becoming a Premium Second Life Member opens a lot of perks and rights to you, such as getting a weekly allowance, and a place which is called a Linden Home. You are given a home, with a set amount of prims (Prim: the number of objects you can have in your home) and a space. It will also open premium areas. You will have to pay for the subscription, So you’ll have to check the website.

But you can also

Just look at an apartment that has cheap weekly rent

There are hundreds of rental offices in Second life that provide low priced housing. Most of these homes are either Skyboxes or apartment complexes. Something you will notice each difference which each virtual world you go to is the pay rent is paid. In Second Life whether it is an apartment, or a parcel, , rent is paid weekly and in Lindens (L$). Sim tier is paid monthly using real life currency. Land is another topic we will be covering soon, since it is a very important part of your Second Life, for now let’s concentrate on finding you a cheap place to call home.

Here are a few that we were able to find:

Sage Rentals

Sage provides different types of housing, from skyboxes to apartment complexes, their prices range from 20L$ per week to 199L$ per week. It is all within an affordable price range.

Crystal Towers

Crystal Towers offers apartments, cottages, and sky boxes from 50L$ per week.


A rental place that provides free apartments for those up to 30 days.

These are just three cheap places in SL, if you have the time to look, check them out. Just search.

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