Second Life Server Update

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If you are a part of Second Life, you’ll need to update your viewers this week. Earlier this week Linden Labs began to the changes for their project Sunshine. It allows avatars to load quicker, according to the Second Life Community Website:

Project Sunshine stands up a Texture Compositing server that is separate from the Sims servers. When a Viewer needs to render an Avatar, it sends a message to the Sim, which in turn sends a message to the Texture Compositing Server. The Texture Server then performs the texture compositing and sends the results back to the Viewer.”

Updates to the server has current begun. Second Life Users are asked to up date their viewers to fit with the new servers. They state:

“We will be starting to roll out those changes, which are the “heavy lifting” portion of Sunshine. Once the updates have rolled out, all avatar data will be rendered on Second Life’s servers, rather than on your computer. Because your local machine won’t have to render that data, you should start to see better reliability and improved performance across the grid.”

For More information on this new update check out the Community Website.


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