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Second Life Residents Begin Prep for the Virtual World’s Anniversary

Second Life Residents Begin Prep for the Virtual World’s Anniversary
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Many virtual spaces have anniversaries, but none have more user input and contributions than Second Life. The Linden Lab created virtual world will have its 13th Anniversary in June 2016 and its residents have begun their preparations for the big celebrations.

On their website they called for contributors such as sim builders, they comment:

“This year we are publicly soliciting builders to create the stages and public areas of SL13B. If you’re a sim builder who would like to put a feather in your cap, please apply.”

They are also looking for participants for several categories, such as performers, volunteers, exhibit builders and much more. The community website has a lot of information for those who are interested in contributing, it is complete with policies and the history of the Second Life anniversary that would be helpful to any first-time content creator, builder, or photographer.

Video by Inara Pey, SL13B logo by SL13b Committee


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