Second Life Mobile Grid Client for Android

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So you’ve joined Second Life, and you decide to go out and fight some dragons. Or maybe hunting for gold is more your style. Or perhaps you have a job modeling, or you have your own clothing store.

However you use Second Life, for many people, it is not a game. It is not something to drop at a moment’s notice.
So how do you keep at it when you’re on the move?

If you have an Android device, you have two options: Lumiya and the Mobile Grid Client.
I passed on Lumiya; you have to pay for it up front, my tablet has a love/hate relationship with Google’s market system, and I didn’t feel like buying something I might not be able to use.
But Mobile Grid Client offers a two-week free trial, and I was willing to experiment.

The first time I loaded MGC, I tapped my way through the user agreements on to the login screen.

And there I found my first problem.

Every time I tried to log in, it gave me an error message. Selecting a different grid changed the wording, but the message was the same; it would not let me log in.

Finally I convinced the tablet to connect to the marketplace, reinstalled  MGC, and logged in.

Then came the hard part, figuring out how to use this client.
Depending on orientation, the main menu was located on either the top or the left of the screen, with four options: chat, IMs, People, and Map.

The first three are easy enough: you can chat with your fellow SLers and view past messages and status alerts; you can send instant messages; and you can check out which of your friends, groups, and random strangers are nearby. You can also offer teleports to your location, or accept offers to teleport to theirs.

The map, though, seemed an anomaly.

It shows where you are, but does nothing else. So how do I move around?
The short answer, it seems, is I can’t. I can talk to people and I can teleport. But I can’t walk around, and I can’t interact with things. So the hunting for gold is out.

Some people may like the Mobile Grid Client. Some people may find it suits their purposes, just as my tablet suits mine.
But not me. I want more features. I want the force of my computer behind my exploration. I want a viewer that, unfortunately, is not designed to use on the road. But if my luck holds, I will continue to explore it…at least until my two weeks are up.

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