Second Life Marketplace Tutorial: Make a RSS feed for your store

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Have you ever found yourself wishing there was an easy way to show people when you have new things for sale on the marketplace? Maybe you want to show the latest items on your blog automatically?

What you need is a RSS feed. A RSS feed is an automatic listing of the latest “articles” on a website. That is how the sidebar widget on this site knows what our latest tweets are and that’s how Google knows when you’ve written a new post on your blog.

The Marketplace has no built-in function for RSS, but I have found a way to add your own. I’ll show you!


First you need the URL to your store, with a slight modification. Go to your store on the Marketplace ([yourstorenumber]). Change “Items per page” to 96. You’ll see that the URL in the address field changes to a long and complicated string. Copy this whole string and head over to Feed43.



Here you can make an account for free, but that’s not necessary for this. Click the link that says “Create your own feed”. Here you’ll get a lot of options and I’ll take you through them all. It’s not as complicated as it looks.

In the address field, put the URL you copied from your store then click Reload. Step 2 unlocks and here you’ll set the “rules” by which the feed will fetch information. I’ve already found what “tags” to use, so you can just copy paste from here.

In the field for Global Search Pattern, put:
<div class=”clear column span-6 last product-listing gallery”>{%}<div class=”column span-6 last footer-paginate”>

In the field for Item (repeatable) Search Pattern, put:
<a href=”{%}”{*}class=”product-title”>{%}</a>{*}<span class=”price”>{%}</span>

This will get the raw data with the link to each item, their name and their price.

Feed43 01

You can change the Feed Title and Feed Description if you want, but leave Feed Link as it is, that will lead to your store page on the Marketplace.

In Item Title Template, put {%2}

In Item Link Template, put {%1}

In Item Content Template, put {%3}

The percentage blocks are placeholders and the numbers represents the information taken from the raw data. In short, you got the item link in %1, the name in %2 and the price in %3 and you’re letting the page know where you want to put those things. Press Preview.

Feed43 03

You can now click the link that pops up to get to your RSS feed. This will never expire, but if you want a link with a name that’s easier to remember, you need to sign up for an account. We’re all done, as long as you have that link, you’ll have a RSS feed for your store.

Feed43 04

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you did, please share it with your friends.

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