Second Life John and Jane Doe Your Google + and Facebook Will Be Deleted

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The deleting of accounts that are owned by Residents of Second Life isn’t a new issue but it is one that has to be blogged about for quite sometime now. Following the forced suspension of fellow Second Life blogger Daniel Voyager’s account on Google +, Twitter ( who has yet enforced the real name policy) has been lighting up with tweet after retweet of this incident. It kind of opens the question about whether or not sites like Facebook are actually meant for networking and socializing as their  “objectives”  state. A person behind a picture or a name is still a person none the less and using social media to communicate with other members of a community whether from Second Life or otherwise is acceptable. Unless an account is made to promote trouble, i.e using it to promote any kind propaganda griefing on the web, don’t get me wrong  its understandable to want to keep tabs on the likes of those, but to push out a person who is interested in networking and sharing news is completely unacceptable as well as if  the person who is behind the name wishes to remain as  a John or Jane Doe.

This topic might roll into the postmodern question of, “What is real and what isn’t when it comes to the world of Second Life?” The line between reality and virtual reality is constantly blurred with its ever-growing popularity. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Second Life John and Jane Doe Your Google + and Facebook Will Be Deleted

  1. FB can link your alt accounts to your RL account, without anyone other than FB and you knowing about it, so you can keep your RL and SL sepparate.

    Google also allows for several nicknames, I for one have 5 different names for 5 different things, for example Morphman Morgan for The Torch stuff, Chris for my RL and Magic Scholar for a sepparate blog about trading card games. None of these interacts with eachother in any way other than the fact that all mails comes to the same account (and stored in different folders, due to my filters).

    However, I still think that you shouldn’t HAVE to do that, it should be a voluntary process.

  2. the hell with facebook and i never tweeted, and myspace can disapear with all them scamers too, i never did liked facebook and i started hateing it more when i found my personal info that i had never gave them leeked to a another web site for people to see.. i had never even started a facebook page either, i had googled myself to see what was out there and found out that my identity was stolen by a scammer from myspace and was being used to scam other people.. i had to steal it back and had a freind send a very nasty bug to the scammer, i hope that he liked his computer being fried, well.. when i found out that my personal info, stuff that in only on my computer and nevered given out to anyone, was posted on this web site called and the only two web sites that was listed that i was on was FB and MS. i am on like 60 other sites, but none of them was listed, so that mean that the two are working together, so i sent an email to ipeek telling them that if they do not remove all and everything about me, that i will report them to the web master and sue the hell out of them, then i had my friend send a bug to them too. and i had tried to erase that fb account, but you can’t, you can only have it on hold(B.S).. so i had changed all the info that was on there, deleted all the pictures and friends and messed up the account very much before i did the hold thing.. but it’s been a half a year later and my other email account that FB or MS never had, was sent friend mesg. from that hold account requesting me to befriend myself or me telling me that I had seen my account and want to get to know me better, my friends also got emails too requestion them to come to FB.. so F##k FB.. i also don’t like how where ever you go, FB is there being shoved into our faces.. they can go and tweet this (sticks up her middle finger) and this is as real as i can get to them.

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