Second Life Hunt: The Suicide Awareness Hunt

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In the UK, according to the Samaritans 2012 Report, there were between 5000-6000 suicides (both male and female) in 2010. According to the World Health Organisation in the US there were around 0.012% in 2009. The WHO also states that the top three countries that have the highest Lithuania, South Korea and Guyana.

I don’t know any one who has committed suicide. The closet I’ve been is knowing someone who knows someone who has. I don’t understand why someone would do that, to me life gets hard, yes, but you work through it. You fight for it.

So doing the Suicide Awareness Hunt was good for me and any one who doesn’t know much about whatWhich Path will you take_001 drives people to suicide. Created by Second Life Resident Joshuan Banx, it was developed to help those who don’t understand, those who want to help but aren’t sure how to, and those who might need help but aren’t sure where to get it. Hunters follow the story of a girl named Juliana, and her family as they deal with Juliana’s suicide. Players are given the choice of choosing one of two paths, one path takes them on a journey to save Juliana and another takes them on a path if they are not sure how to save her.

It is a heart breaking yet informative hunt that will leave you with a better understanding of what drives people to suicide and how it can affect those around them even after their death.

The Mental Health Awareness Retreat is a parcel in Second Life, that gives help and support to those with mental health or those who are looking for resources on mental health.

The Suicide Awareness Hunt ends on December 15th. To Start the Hunt head over to the Mental Health Awareness Retreat and choose the path you would like to take. Check out their website for more details.

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