Second Life Fashion: Que Bella for the Bigger Woman.

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Second Life as a visual medium can be all about what you look like and does have a bit of an issue withuebella_002 body imagine. The virtual world is a place where you can be anything you want to, whether it’s a furry, a child avatar or even an 8 ’10 giant. It is hard to find clothes when you decide not to be within the “normal” shape and size. Child avatars do have stores that are made  for them, the same thing goes for furries, but what about humans that decide to be a bit more curvy than normal or taller. Que Bella, created by Issybella Quintessa, is one of a few stores found in Second Life that are aimed at the bigger more curvy female avatar. Their price ranges from around 50 – 120L$ so they are affordable. They offer monthly gifts for those who are a part of their group, which cost 50L$ to join. Like other stores in Second Life, they have Lucky boards which give you free items when the letter in your user name comes up, as well as other Freebie prize givers. One thing that can be said about this store, it isn’t for everyone, and although at first it may seem like it, you don’t really need the extras to shop here. If you are curvy, bigger, taller avatar finding it hard to find clothes that fit you, then Que Bella and other places like it could be a good place to look.


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