SeaBreeze Art Grand opening

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BreeElle Adored is a face you Torch readers have seen before, she is a dedicated Model and writer, but it seems she as something else to share with you amazing people out there. She is also an artist and has opened her very own gallery, right here in SL. The Torch SLG (a shameless plug maybe but why not?) went a long to the Gallery opening.

Copyright BreeElle Adored

How and why did you come up with the idea of a carnvial?

I spent the first 12 years of my life growing up around carnies, it seemed a natural thing to honor that time of my life here in sl.

Why did you decide to do this carnival?

Our readers know you as the face in front of the camera, When did you take such a great interest in being behinde it?
in my early 20s . when an instructor told me “Anyone can draw, it is a skill and can be learned.”  he then suggested photography also

Is the carnival going to be permenantly opening or just for a sort period of time?

The carnival will be permanatly open

How does it feel when you take a picture or draw a painting?

That is a hard one…
At peace, centered, as if i see things differently then i normally do, not that i am not at peace or centered but it just feels different, serene, all else fades and it is just the piece i am working on…does that make sense :} Like capturing a moment in time or a thought. Thats also what art feels like to me

Can anyone enjoy or do you have to a certain age or avi?

No children..under 18 on this sim . It is moderate and there is adult language that kind of thing

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