Schools in Second Life– Back to School (Role play)

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Second Life has many schools in world, some are based on or are the virtual extension of real life schools and others offer particular residents a school experience in the form of roleplaying. Yes you can go to school in Second Life. All role play schools in Second Life follow the education system of the USA, because most owners are American. Their academic subjects range from traditional subjects such as English, Science and Maths to others that are more specific and Second Life orientated such as Building, Clothes creation and Photography.

Hardknock Elementary School:


Hardknock Elementary School  has been opened for 5 years, giving role players a good quality elementary school. It is a part of the Pleasantville Community.  They provide an immersive realistic experience, with a staff of teachers who have some experience in teaching in Second Life Terms are monthly and cost 400L$ per month, uniform is included. They offer not only classes but various extra activities such as drama,and sports.

Edgewood Prep School:


Edgewood Prep is a role play school that aims at the high class part of Second Life and is apart of the Edgewood Community  Their tuition fee is 800L$ a month.

Seaside Youth Community Center:


  A part  of Second Life Role play community Alterscape, it is an immersive Urban based role play community with members from around the world.It has both an elementary school age range from 5-12 and a high school which is 13 –17. Although not a part of Seaside, Alterscape also has a university called Columtreal University. More information can be found on their website.

Willowdale Elementary, Junior High & High School:

Willowdale Logo

Willowdale’s Elementary( Grammar), Junior High & High School are apart of the Fable wood Community and is the school for Next Gen Inc, an adoption agency for child and teen avatars. Tuition Fee differs for each school, the elementary school is 200L$ per term ( month) while the high school is 400L$ per term.

All schools employ teachers, from a variety of subjects and background. As soon as we are aware they also pay their teachers although salaries differ for each school.

If you are interested in teaching or being coming a part of any of the schools feel free to visit them. ( Please note that all schools are PG, and abide by Second Life’s TOS (Terms Of Service), they also have their own rules that work within the TOS. Treat them with the same respect you would like to be treated with and remember that behind every avatar big or small is a real person with real feelings). 

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