Scandinavian SciFi, Games and Film Convention roundup

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This article was meant to be out much earlier, but due to my cat, who I treasured like a son, passed away yesterday after being ill since Saturday. Saturday wasn’t all bad thou, it might in fact have been one of the greatest days I’ve had this year, because I was at the Scandinavian SciFi Games and Film Convention in Gothenburg and I’m going to share some of my favourite moments from there with you.

Good people, great fanbaits and a handshake with one of my favourite actors of our time, Christopher Judge (which I unfortunately wasn’t allowed to take a picture of) made the positive sides of this day much greater than the negatives. Also, I got genuine Star Trek Federation Uniform badges and a Arthur C. Clarke novel as prize for being able to answer all questions in a Star Trek Quiz.

Here are all the goodies I managed to capture:

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