Sascha’s Designs: Queen of Freebies

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Sascha's Designs: Driving customers mad since 2007

Sascha’s is a fine  fashion store that caters to both men and women, (mostly women) and can be just as ridiculously cheap  as it can be ridiculously expensive with prices that range from a little as 50L$ to 600L$.

The first time I heard about Sascha’s was from a close friend of mine when I was looking fora gown to wear to my first ever SL event. It was apparently a great place to get freebie gowns and dresses. My friend was not wrong.  As you land the smooth sound of Motown hits you and right away you can see the wonderful dresses and gowns teasing you into the store. Nevertheless you quickly realise how expensive the items are.

Where would you like to go?

A teleport panel labels the directions to all of the departments for you, but it is quite easy to become lost within this glamour and fashion paradise. Eventually you will have to do what I did and ask an employee for help, but once you do, that is when the fun really begins. She will take you to a wall, and this wall is the greatest thing you (if you’re a girl) will ever see within SL.

This is the Monthly Freebie collection, a series of dresses

Greatest wall in SL

that are released every month, just for the members of the Sascha’s Designs. To become a member of SD, you will have to pay to enter the group, but L$50 for an unlimited amount of amazing gowns, dashing dresses and gifts. It is worth every virtual penny.

With helpful staff and amazing bargains like their  L$60 Weekends sales, you can see why Sascha’s is a thriving store.

BreeElle sporting the fabulous January 2011

The store’s namesake Sascha Frangili commented that, she started SD after being bored with her old job as a hostess at a ballroom.” The idea for making clothes came around when I heard about the Business in a Box, I got it and was appalled at the **** inside, so I decided to make my own clothes. The monthly freebie collection is my way of show my gratitude for all the freebie I receviced when I was a newbie. I was that time so grateful for all the stuff I got, that when i started making clothes, I remembered the newbies who wanted to look pretty too.”

Beautiful dresses all for free and for a good cause. This has surely made Sascha

Ellandra in April 2010, a must have for the spring

Frangili..the Queen of Freebies

Newbie Friendly: 9-10 (you will get lost once or twice until you get use to the place)

Music: 8-10 (music varies each time you go)

Clothes Rating: 10

Overall Experience: 9-10 (there is always someone there to help when you do get lost.)

Wolmet and Coterie plays around in their summer outfits

Izzie Morgan

Photographs by Morphman the Clown

0 thoughts on “Sascha’s Designs: Queen of Freebies

  1. Lol – just select “Monthly Gowns” from the TP board and there’s your wall of freebies – as long as you’re a member :o)

    BTW, 600L isn’t that expensive when you see just how many items you get with your purchase. And yes, I do work at Sascha’s. And no, I don’t fart as loudly as the woman herself. (evil grin)

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