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If you’re new in this world and don’t have anywhere to be as creative as you want or if you have a linden home, but want to exceed the prim limit for a creation, want to rezz a newly bought boxed item, test a newly acquired item, or if you’re only looking for a place to play around, then sandboxes are the best places to be.
A sandbox is an area in a sim that allows anyone to build as much or as little as they want. It’s a public place, where you can meet other creators and probably get a few tips and tricks on how to realize your fantasy build. Todays article will cover a few of these sandboxes.

A typical sandbox

Since this is a multi-location guide and almost every sandbox has the same basic setup, I won’t go into any details about them, just list their facilities and lagometer.
The basic principle is that a sandbox should give enough room for people to do what they want to do and without exception, all sandboxes forbid weapons. Some have weapon testing platforms thou, and it’s only there you’re allowed to use any weapons. This is to create a safe, lowlag working environment for everyone.
Some sandboxes offers tools and guides and some even has shops for builders, right in the sandbox.

Here are a list of a few of these sandboxes and what they have to offer you.

SkyBeam Public Sandbox

Owner: SkyBeam Estates (group owned)

Facilities: Weapons testing platform, measuring grid, stores (non-builder stores just outside the sandbox), adboards for rent.

Lag: 3 (little to no lag)

Newbie friendliness: 3 (you won’t find any guides or tutorials here)


Brewers full-packed schedule

Builders Brewery Backyard

Owner: Builders Brewery (group owned)

Facilities: Builders store, classes, mentoring area (mainly for the classes, but can be used by private instructors between classes)

Lag: 3 (Little to none)

Newbie friendliness: 8 (A lot of free classes daily)


Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Owner: Ivory Tower of Prims (Group owned)

Facilities: Extensive building tutorials, adboards

Lag: 5 (A bit laggy, but nowhere near unbearable)

Newbie friendliness: 8 (A great place for new builders to start)


The Ivory Tower

Fermi Sandbox

Owner: Fermi Designs (Group owned)

Facilities: Builder Shop (around the edge of the sandbox), design shops (outside the sandbox area), adboards

Lag: 8 (heavy lag due to the many scripts running at the shops, adboards and by users)

Newbie friendliness: 3 (You won’t get any help here and chances are you’d be stuck here for a while due to lag, but it’s a great place to test heavy scripts, since they don’t have restrictions here)


France3D Help Sandbox

Facilities: Shops, guides, tutors (thou it’s all in french, so get your translator ready), adboards

Owner: Help Sandbox (Group owned)

Lag: 3 (little to none)

Newbie friendliness: 5 (It’s not a lot of help, but the help you get is from people with years of experience)


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