Salute Restaurant – Wonderful Evenings

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Owner : xinglela Ragu
Sim Rating: Mature
Restrictions:  Building / Rezzing not allowed, No Pushing

Salute Restaurant is a special and Unique place, serving a well rounded menu, along with a dash of romance and a dollop of dancing.  Come with me and let me show you around this wonderful restaurant of fine dinning by the sea.

As you rezz at the landing point you will marvel at the wonderful scenery around the restaurant that will give you lovely views while you dine.  Also you will discover different pose balls, one for a proposal, one for a bike ride together, and also one for sitting together with back towards a beautiful back drop so you will be able take a picture together for your keep sake.

If you make your way north from the landing point you will come to some steps, walk up those and you will find yourselves at the foyer of the restaurant.  Here you will locate a bar,  with stools to sit on while you drink your beverage.  To obtain a drink you can click on the wine bottle or glasses at the end of the bar, you will receive a drop down menu and form there you can choose what sort of drink you would like.  If you prefer you can lounge in the finely upholstered furniture just inside the door.

Once at the restaurant entrance, you will be greeted by a Salute hostess.  If you click the hostess you will get a blue drop down menu of who to contact if you need assistance while dining at the restaurant.  You will find six tables for two people around the edge of the restaurant.  Three are framed by the front windows so you can take in the ocean views while dinning.  There is one table of four in front of a fire place, perfect for a double date.  After sitting at your table of choice, click the place mat and you will receive a blue menu.  The diner may then simply click what it is you want to drink and eat.  Click on the rolled up napkin next to the place mat to be offered eating utensils.  After accepting them, you will find them in your inventory.  Wear the utensil you want to use.  Click on the coaster at your place setting for a menu of drinks.  If your wish to adjust your pose click on the chair and select one from the menu that drops down on your screen.

Your evening can continue after dining with some dancing provided by a couples dance ball at the center of the dining room.  If after dining or dancing you decide to stroll around a bit you may discover a special area  for weddings.  If you want to know more please contact  xinglela Ragu for further details.   You may also Use this land mark to visit a park with great sceanery, owned by xinglela Ragu, that has more dancing as well as painting and picnicing to enjoy.

Come and bring your friends, a loved one you wish to make feel special, or even come to Salute’ Restaurant for a special event.
Hope to see you at Salute Resturant.

Article and photos by: Loulane Perl of Wonderful Evenings

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