Ruins Club, where industrial is serious business

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For John Lynxx and Ravi, there is nothing better than industrial music. They are both hardcore electroheads, with styles such as EBM, aggrotech, harsh and dark electro, they want to fill every moment of everyones life with hard-pumping tunes that makes the blood boil. It was only natural that these two DJ’s eventually found each other and opened a club of their own, Ruins Club.

Ruins Clubs ruins

In it’s roughly 2 year long history, the club has moved and changed many times, but the music and the owners have never changed, neither has the feel of it. Neither of them are fans of cramped, constricted spaces, so the club is out in the open, no walls or roof in the way. Every weekend there’s events going, contests every friday, Come As You Are every saturday and theme night every sunday. If you want to know more about the contests, or see future themes, check the Ruins Club website.

The DJ’s are from all over the world, wich means the club can stay open 24/7.

Ruins is more than a club thou, on the sim there is everything from cheap homes (as low as 49L$/week) to race tracks and an art gallery. If you are new, or just low on money, they offer free, high-quality clothes… and a job. Right off the newcomer island, you can go to Ruins Club and get a job as a dancer, complete with instructions, profile pictures, tips on places for free outfits and the chance to a good start in SL.

In the future, John and Ravi hopes to expand to a true 24/7 club, with dj’s from australia, russia, japan etc. and a lot of live concerts. Their biggest hope is to get the message of industrial music out there. John said “Industrial music is a minority, but we get stronger and stronger.”

Ruins Club

One of the ground rules of Ruins Club have always been that everyone is welcome. Ravi talked about a huge dragon swooping down one evening, loving the club because of the space it got to dance on, and another night with a vampire and a lycan dancing together (ed notes: Vampires and lycans are normally enemies). So far, the club has been completely drama free, and that is mostly thanks to the open-arms-policy of the club.

“Love, peace and industrial” (Ravi)


Written by Morphman

Photos by Morphman

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