Romantic Spots of Second Life: Dreamscape Romantic Get Away

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Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes are a string of sims dedicated to bringing romance to couples in Second Life. Originally a honeymoon getaway, owned by Mikhail Obscure and his Second Life partner Sophia Vanderverne, it features 11 unique and perfect locations to have an amazing romantic retreat with your better half. They include a castle, six sinter wonderland spots, and three tropical destinations. Lovers can choose whether to stay for 24 hours – 3 days or more with the perfect price range of 24 hours being as little as 150L$ (Lindens) to 3 days being as high as 8000L$. Don’t have Lindens? Why not turn on your stream and follow the tunnel down to dance floor? Romantic Love songs play 24/7 on the sim. Here is a little taster of what the tunnel has to offer:

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

Take your date to the romantic sphere that is Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes.

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