Roleplaying in SecondLife: Meeting a Mer and Let’s Roleplay

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Elizabeth ventures into the City of Dee once again, this time she stumbles upon several new characters, one being a

Layla, the mermaid

mystical mermaid, name Layla, who is also new to Dee. The pair speak for a short time getting to know each other, then part ways. While Layla travels her choice path of the sea ocean, Elizabeth wanders through the city, as she reaches the gates, she hears a scream for help. As she rushes towards the noise, she meets the local doctor Kate, the victim Nina and the mer she met before Layla. This time Morrice, Elizabeth’s partner joins them on his way home  from work. The strangers help to care for Nina, who came under attack from a mysterious force earlier in the day.

Layla is the first mermaid Elizabeth had even met and naturally she was curious about what it was like to be a mermaid. Through she didn’t get any answers, she was happy to have met a mermaid in Dee. Isle of Dee has an active Merfolk society which is open to new residents who are interested in Second Life’s Mer culture.

Kate, the local Doctor of Dee

This is an example of our first roleplay experience, it was fun. You become so engaged in the story that couldn’t help but wonder where the story would turn next. It developed into Nina being attacked a mysterious drow and the guards of Dee had been alerted, unfortunately the roleplay was interrupted by the region restarting.

Nina, the injured woman found with burned wounds




Izzie Morgan

Pictures taken by Morphman Morgan

Morrice, Noble Northman

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