Roleplaying in Second Life – Meeting the villain

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“Walking through the city gates, the air was thick with tension as my eyes fell on the guard and the drow in white. Delice the GuardMy limbs went numb and I could do nothing but stand there as they both drew their weapons and all that could be seen was a flurry of steel and blood.

With my back to the closed gates, I could not turn back and I could not venture forth. My beloved Elizabeth was all I could think of and before I knew it, she was standing there in the open gates, pulling me back. Not long after, silence fell over the city. The silence was bloodchilling and the hair on the back of my neck stood right up. A soulcrushing shriek was heard as the drow in white shouted ‘Come out from your hiding place, lest this guard shall die a painful, slow death’.

After moments of silence, I peeked through a crack in the gate and discovered the guard was on her feet, staggering towards the Town Bell. I rushed through the gates to help her, but her pride and protective oath kept her going without aid. Soon, the bells rang and the people swarmed for the city halls, but me and my beloved did not come that far before the hunted woman ran our way. We took her through the gate and to a hiding place with the drow in white following. As she ran through the door of the church and I turned around, axe in hand, the Magnis the Drowguard appeared once more, striking a deal with the drow in white to keep us safe whilst her own body would be his.

A sigh of relief for the safety of the town, yet a tear in the eye for the guard who sacrificed herself…”

This was our first encounter with the darker side of Dees world. The Drow in white, or Magnis as he is named, is infamous for wreaking havoc through the City of Dee, but we had never seen him before. the RL me was excited, but the RP Northman was shaking in his boots. When things like this happens in your RP, remember that if it is a major character involved, in this case Magnis the infamous drow, keep out of the main battle unless specifically prompted to join in. If you get too close, the characters locked in battle will most often shout to you, telling you to get out of the way. You may stand on the sideline and observe, but the fight itself might be scripted and your interference may interrupt it.Postcombat, the drow standing over the unconcious guard Once the battle is over, the rest of the plot, and your involvement in it, is up to you as a player. Major plotpoints will play out as the involved agreed on anyway.

I look forward to seeing how these events will play out later, but as for right now, there is no other players in Dee, so the rest of the story will wait until more players arrive.

Keep updated on the plot of Dee here on the Torch SL Guide.

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