Roleplaying in Second Life: Meet Elizabeth Morgan and the Isle of Dee

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Elizabeth steps out of the new home she now shares with her Lord Morrice, their journey was long and tiring but

Home of Elizabeth and Morrice

sure enough they made it  as far as their legs could carry them. They had settled on the Isle of Dee a calm and serene medieval city and quickly found a home in the St. Vitus Village.

While her lord is away working for a few shillings and pence. Elizabeth wonders alone in this new strange yet peaceful place. She journeys into the city, making her way to the tavern she looks around inspecting the old buildings of Dee. The sound of horses, birds and other wild life fills the quiet air. And as she settles into a seat at the tavern she meets several of the locals. Over the topic of pancakes she meets an elf, Runa tel’taur, Cora of the wilds, Tari of the Hini Tel’kemen’Fae and later the mate of Runa, Gideon Drascol who watches over the city from the Tavern rooftop.

Roleplaying in Second Life is an experience that can not be explained in a few words, but experience for yourself. Therefore I have created Elizabeth

Elizabeth Morgan: Servant Of Oxenstierna

Morgan, former servant of a Swedish Noble family known as the Oxenstierna af Södermöre, in medieval Sweden. She and her lover, a son of the Oxenstierna, fled to England in hopes that their love would go unchanged by any one, whom at that time thought it would be forbidden. Cheesy I know, but to keep things authentic and accurate a certain story had to be created.

Isle of Dee is sim dedicated medieval England and give you a sense of being a part of that era. Evolving from a residential sim the community is today.   Runa have

Runa tel'taur, Cora of the wilds, Tari of the Hini Tel'kemen'Fae

been a part of Dee since its beginning while her partner Gideon joined last October and take on the roles of Elves, who reside in the forests of Dee. Runa also known as Alrunia Ahn, comments about her time as part of the community, ” Originally Dee was a rental sim. I came for it said ” medieval” and rented a parcel for my first main store. Mandragora. Then after a while I contacted the owner with suggestions regarding sim design and started in the non rented parts to change the landscape… and then the tenants that been interested started to meet every monday to plan “mischief ” and we came up with the vision of what Dee may become …. and when Ginny started to show her amazing  building skills and to be of the very same mindset than me the story started :).”

There are many aspects of Dee from newcomers friendly adventures, to the different races and over the next few weeks, as Elizabeth Morgan, I will document my experience in this amazing sim and those who call the Isle of Dee home.

Izzie Morgan

Picture provided by Runa

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