Roleplaying in Second Life: Goin’ Back to 1920’s Chicago

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It’s the 1920s, things have changed. Women walk the streets displaying  their new-found freedom. Those who survived the first world war are trying their best to forget it. Prohibition roams the streets and brings with it new waves of crime and injustice. Mobs and the Mafia clash trying their best to gain power over the streets. Speakeasies secretly open filled with moonshine, the only place to get a drink nowadays.

When I came to Chicago, it was bustling with noise, my dreams to be a singer within my grasp. The lights of the big city seems to be calling to me, teasing me, pulling me forward. My name in lights, that’s what I want. I saw it, the lights. “Empire Burlesque.” The first building I see, the sound of a crowd calls me to it. As I enter there is a glorious sight, men and women sitting down enjoying the show of 3 half naked women dancing,  I could not help but turn away, blushing.

Another step into the world of Second Life roleplaying, takes us to the adult sim 1920’s Chicago, and adult it is with good reason. Replicating the roaring times of the 1920’s when the world was recovering from a terrible war, but was opening itself to a new decade of growth. What a growth it was! Our first stay in 1920’s Chicago was spent by attending a very sassy but lovely Burlesque show, that represents, quite nicely, a time where sexuality, though taboo but was beginning to be explored openly.

(Oh note this wasn’t our first visit…our first visit wasn’t very productive and our second was met by the end of a tommy gun which was very funny and this is our third visit.)

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