Roleplaying in Second Life: Dee Incidents and Keeping up with the story.

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Elizabeth shoots forward as town cryer’s voice follows through the window! “The Queen Is Injured! From Drow Attack!” Morrice leans up his eyes barely opened, once he heard the news he jumps up and runs to the window.


Her majesty the queen is under constant attention by physicians in the castle as she struggles for life. The wounds she suffered at the hands of two drow last week are said to be severe, and she lost a lot of blood. Her Minister, Philippe Miller, will not release any more information. Meanwhile, the drow responsible remain free, and constantly threaten the people of Dee.”

The best thing about Roleplaying in Second Life are the story lines. A steady story line can make or break a roleplay sim. The Isle of Dee has one of the steady roleplays stories we, at the Torch SL Guide, have encountered. The story is kept going, through notecards sent in the group and keeps their members up to date with events that have been going on through Dee. A good roleplay community will do this, providing their members with a juicy story line, plenty of RP opportunity and allows their members to get involved. 

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