Roleplaying in Second Life: Crack Den

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Crack Den is the name of an urban role-play community, set in the fictional city of Hathian in present day NewCrack Den_003 Orleans. Hathian is filled with crime, back alley bar fights, strip clubs and dirty dealings. This community gives residents a realistic experience embedded in different aspects such as a college named Columtreal University, a newspaper called Hathian Observer and the ability to “call” the police as well as another emergency services.  The  portrayal of a real broken down society is what makes Crack Den an amazing spot to role-play in Second Life.

Crack Den is a part of Alterscape, a network of communities in Second Life, that focuses on urban and realistic role-plays. 

Crack Den_005

Not only does Alterscape cater to Second Life adults but also to Second Life kids and teens, with their university and elementary school.

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Crack Den gives step by step introductions on how to join the Hathian community as well as how to become different roles such as Victim, Deviant, Citizen and more important roles such as Police, Medical Staff and Fire fighters.

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One of the many establishments in Hathian that offer role-play jobs to its residents. The information on how to apply for job roles are located on the Hathian Observer website but you will need to be accepted to be a Citizen. Once you are  you can also walk into any store or bar and click the ‘Help Wanted’ signs.


If I were to review this place, I would say that there is little to nothing wrong with Crack Den. Everyone is always willing to role-play, even if it is just about going to the local pub to get a couple of drinks. There are always people  there, it is very rare that you find the place empty. OK, there is one thing that might be wrong with Crack Den, and that is the lag, but that isn’t really their fault. Please note that Crack Den does have quite a bit of adult oriented role-plays going on there so if you are easily offended by seeing things such as, stripping, foul language, sex, drugs and everything else, don’t visit. If you aren’t offended by it, then have fun.

To Learn more about Crack Den or Alterscape and its different communities head over to their website.

0 thoughts on “Roleplaying in Second Life: Crack Den

  1. Good luck getting anywhere in Crack Den or Hathian. Its an exclusive community. You’ll do so much to try and get somewhere in the community, but here’s the catch – You can’t!

    It’s an exclusive club where the managers and mods just promote and authorise their alternate avatars and friends to all of the RP positions that are desireable.

    Don’t waste your time. I tried for quite a long period and appealed to the sim manager and my emails were casually replied to then ignored.

    Try somewhere else.


  2. Of all the amazing, artistic and uplifting places in SL, you choose to review and essentially advertise this hole? I suggest that any decent person WOULD be offended by this place.

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