Roleplaying in Dee – Meet the newest citizen

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Elizabeth gasps as the pain surges through her body. She leans against Morrice for support, as her knees gets weaker. He kicks the door to the hospital open as the fae cora waits inside with a bed ready made.

“Runa, it’s time” he says quickly as he leads her to the bed.

“Aye, firimar, I can see that” She remarks. “Now go outside and make yourself useful, guard the door or something.”

Left with no other choice, he sits down on the staircase outside the hospital doors, watching through the window as his dearest lies in labor beyond the screen.


Roleplays can be so much more than just clashing swords on the field of battle, as we have experienced. Actually, fighting has taken over so much that Dee outright banned the use of the combat system recently.

We have never been much for the combat, the ambiance is enough for us. Besides, where words fail, swords take over, and we’ve never been out of words so far *wink wink*.

Waiting for the newest Dee Resident

As roleplay gets deeper, it is not unheard of that women do get pregnant. Such was the case with Elizabeth and Morrice so long ago. Being on the run from the former countrymen, the due date came and went. It took almost a full week longer for the child to be born, but the wait was worth it as we saw the glimmer in Baby Isabels eyes as Cora Runa handed her over to us.

Another day in Dee, and this might be the greatest of days.

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