Roleplay and dance, Dark of the Moon party in Dee

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Dark Of The Moon Dee Party is a mothful to say, but it is as awesome as it sounds. Celebrating the turn of the year to the darker times, all of Dee was rocking as DJ Cat (Cataplexia Numbers) played her sweet, fantasy themed songs. Now, don’t go thinking that fantasy theme means all new age, no no no, DJ Cat has everything from Enya to Led Zepelin in her archives.

Honored DJ Cataplexia Numbers
Honored DJ Cataplexia Numbers

As Runa says, dance and go nuts!

As with all great RP events, there was a lot of RPing going on on the dancefloor, where discussions went from childbirth, to what the result of mixing spiders and bunnies would be, to the taste of men… No, I mean the the actual taste of men, what they taste like.

The contest theme was Darkness, and everyone brought their greatest darkness-outfit to the light (no pun intended). The votes got a bit hairy, as there was too many great outfits to chose from, but finally Canned Haifisch and Elektra Panthar took shared second place, and there was an amazing three-way-tie between our own Izzie, ComCat Fenstalker and Nyal.

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