Roaring Roleplay: The Naked Blues is Opening Again

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The Naked Blues, one of the many attractions of Chicago, is now open again under new management. Magnus and I take over the Speakeasy. Our first day behind the bar was a great success and we weren’t enough open yet, it is safe to say that we will have this place hopping in no time.

Martini on the rocks, Scotch straight up, wiping down the bar in between orders. Ding ding happy hour as started. This is the life.

Magnus, twinkling away on the bar piano, while drink party comers dance the evening away. The Mob are regulars, and so are the cops, we don’t know if they are dirty or not. We’re opening, so I guess it’s former.

Roleplaying is fun, it always is especially when you take the time to invest into your backstory. If there are opportunities for become a part of the roleplay and enhance your experience. take it! Don’t be afraid to get involved, whether it’s becoming a royal guard in a medieval roleplay or a store owner. Get in touch with the owners or senior roleplayers because they might be able to help you. Most RPs in SecondLife have member forums that allows you to join and keep up to date on what is happening  from events and roleplaying opportunities. Most important of all, have fun with it and remember it is meant to be fun not work.

Oh before I forget, The Naked Blues is having its Grand Reopening on Saturday 19th November at Chicago.

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