Roaring 20’s Vintage Decade

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The best part of Second Life is that you can experience anything, from your deepest desires to your wildest dreams. This include going to places like Paris, or London or an underwater city, but nothing beats going into the future or back to when the earth (the human race) were young. No. I’m not talking about going back to see the Dinosaurs, I mean going back to see what our elders say is the Golden Age, we can hang out in Victorian times or just chill out in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. In Second Life time is endless and with this there has to be a fashion and places to match it. Now…welcome to the Roaring 20’s. Zombree is waiting for her gangster boyfriend in this awesome outfit from Bubbles Designs, called Mirna- Bubbles Cyberstar, it is normally 450L$, but  this lady was able to get this outfit for 0L$ via the Midnight Mania board! Gotta love those freebie boards!

When you go to store in the 1920s you go out there in style, Sammie is wearing from head to toe, Flapper Dress with hair ornament from Cilian’gel Boutique (129L$), SKIFIJA‘s Absinth Ankle boots in Black (25L$), R.icielli“s Naomi Female Avatar (199L$), and make up/ lipstick 02 (75L$).

We would like to Send a big thank you to Chicago 1920’s for letting us do our shoot there, it is a great place for roleplayers who are interested in being a part decade and historical roleplaying.

The Jazz Club, where users can listen to music from the decades,  outside showcases the different live shows and their showtimes.

The infamous 1920’s Burlesque house, where womenly wilds were beginning to be explored for the first time. Take a look, I am sure you’ll love to enjoy the show.

The Big boss hanging with his gang, this is the man that makes everything happen, Shep Moorland, the owner of Chicago 1920’s. Take care walking down the streets of Chicago, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Moorland and his boys.

Click to listen to the Sweet Sound of the Decades

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