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Ever wondered about the biology of the monsters from your favourite video games? Well ‘Let’s start at the feet’ and get into Roanoke Gaming.

Who is Roanoke Gaming?

Roanoke Gaming is a Youtube channel whose creator uses his Biology degree to explain the biology of the creatures and enemies within video games. He specialises in what he calls the Morphology of each enemy, dedicating each of his videos to an enemy type (from various video games) and explaining the biology of the creature, how it would kill you (or the protagonist in the game),  as well as his theory behind how the creature was made.

What do you like about Roanoke Gaming?

I really enjoy the lore in video games, and while most lore channels on Youtube like Oxhorn focus on the back stories of characters (NPCs, Factions, and main Protagonists etc), there aren’t a lot that look at the enemies you come across and have to fight against. I find Roanoke Gaming really interesting because of this and I’ve actually learned a lot about the biology of video games because of his channel, most of which are really scary to think about especially if they existed in real life. I was always interested in biology in school, and while studying for my psychology degree I found biological (or evolutionary) psychology very interesting.

I came across Roanoke Gaming while looking for Dead Space lore, because I really fricking love Dead Space. I’ve seen almost everything that has to do with the Dead Space franchise. The story is just fantastic to me and since we will never get another game from that franchise (thank you EA #RIPVisceralGames) the only way I could experience the lore and story behind one of my favourite horror games is through Lore Videos. I already see the Brethren Moons and the Nercomorphs as the most horrifying enemies in all of gaming history, since, in my opinion, there is actually no way to beat them. They attack you on all fronts, first psychologically, then physically, there is pretty much no way to survive a nercomorph attack. The only other enemy that could be just as scary as Dead Space’s enemy is the Flood from Halo (another enemy type that I learned about from Roanoke Gaming).

Roanoke Gaming’s structure is, to me, kind of the rundown of an enemy, a biology lesson pretty much. Starting at the feet (it’s always the feet) he will explore the physiology of a creature working his way up through various body parts as well as giving his theory as to why these body parts exist as well as how he believed they were formed. If he can, he will also give a real life equivalent as an example. For the sadists in us, he will also talk about the various, gruesome ways, you can be killed by each enemy as well as how you can kill them.

His videos are really interesting, horrifying, makes you thank god none of these creatures actually exist in real life, but it is very interesting.

Anything else?

Like most Youtubers nowadays, he does stream, I accidentally caught one of his streams while I was writing this and he was playing Dead Space (of course). He also streams on Twitch (once again I have never managed to catch his streams). He not only covers enemies from Dead Space but also Halo, the Metro series, Resident Evil, The Last of Us the list goes on. There is just a ton of content for anyone who wants to know about the morphology of enemies in video games.

Recommended Playlist

Fun with Nercomorphs, which looks at the morphology of enemies of the Dead Space series. Who would win, which pits video game characters from different franchises against each other and see who would win. Or you could just click Let’s Binge, it’s a helpful playlist for you right there.

I wish Morphological Science was a real degree I would totally enjoy the hell out of the course.

Roanoke Gaming

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