RFL InWorldz Kicks Off Their Season of Hope

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August 8th saw the incredible start of Relay for Life of inWorldz’s 2015 Relay season, marking its 4th year since it began. Hosted by inWorldz residents Calliope Andel and Golden Touch and  ran by  RFL inWorldz Home Committee , this years kick off was  witnessed by teams from all over the world, RFL InWorldz follows this year with its theme, Community of Hope. Currently there are 5 teams representing RFL inWorldz.

Source: Relay for Life inWorldz Facebook Page

RFL IW Co-Chair Bain Finch comments about the event:

Calliope Andel and Golden Touch presented the most amazing thing I ever experienced at a Kick Off. OK, I might have a itty bitty tiny weeny bias, but yesterday’s Kick Off show was uniquely beautiful. It captivated everyone like I never seen before at a relay event, due to the nature of theatrical acts, the audience had time to feel that part of the story. Don’t get me wrong, every single key note speaker I’ve experience were amazing, but getting the whole story in one intensively moving story can be overwhelming. What I experience and what I hope everyone in the audience experienced, were that momment on a cancer journey, with time between acts to begin to come to terms with that moment, before the next act started. Having the story set to music and dance, in a setting as they provided, well that was all icing on the cake. The sparkles on that cake were provided by Neytiri Omatikaya and Eagle Wolf with PyroVR Firework who gave us a show that was real as it gets until they can have the smell burnt gunpowder come out of your computer.


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Currently there are six teams and counting in this year’s season of RFL IW, Who have already raised over 300.000 Izzie (I$) or $600 and counting in donations. Bim Rasunson from the RFL IW team Roleplay for Life states:



We raised over $285k Izzies during the 2014 RFL season to help raise money and awareness for cancer and its cure. Our goal in the 2015 season is to exceed that total.


If you are interested in joining this season of Relay for Life in InWorldz, it’s very easy, just join www.inworldz.com and sign up at the RFL IW website. Alternatively, if you’d like to donate visit the RFL inWorldz page and donate. For more information on the American Cancer Society visit their page.


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