Replugged Club

Nigella and DJ Axle rockin' it

Replugged Club

Owner: Topaz Zane

I’m sorry for the one week absence from the guide, other events have kept me occupied. Therefore I’m going to treat you all to the most rawkin’ club out there.

Are you into metal, rock and blues? Do you want to rock all night and party every day? Then look no further than the small platform called Replugged Club.

The club isn’t physically large, but it’s one of the best rock/blues clubs out there. The party literally won’t end, as soon as one DJ steps down, the next one moves up on the stage. I had the fortune to catch DJ Axle Wharton as he was just about to start his first night as a DJ here, along with veteran host Nigella.

Bar is open 24/7, the dancer tries to match

If you need a few minutes to relax from the dancing, but don’t want to miss the music, make sure to pop down into the two-story 59L$-store, where they have clubbin’ clothes for all you girls out there, everything goes for 59L$. If you don’t have enough money to spare, there’s also 2 Midnight Mania boards there, make sure to hit them both.

Not a girl, or not in a shopping mood? There’s also a fully equipped bar in the back, just sit down, relax and tell all your troubles to the constantly smiling barman.

Have you been around for more than 30 days, have DJ or host experience (ever changed a tune on your music player? Ever greeted someone? Great, then you’re qualified for both) and are looking for a job, they are constantly searching for new employees. Just hit the box at the side, fill out the application and send it to Topaz Zane.

This is by far my favourite rock club and it’s the place I take my girl (or rather she takes me 😉 ) when we’re in a party

Synchronized dancing, the main reason I love clubbing

mood, the DJ’s are rockin’, the hosts are awesome, the people are dancing and the club is jumping.

Facilities: Danceballs (both single and couple), sploders (25L$ and 50L$ minimum), store (female clothing) Midnight Mania (2 of them in the store)

Job Openings: DJ and Hosts are on constant demand, contact Topaz Zane for more info.

Newbie Friendliness: 9/10 (you don’t need to know more than how to turn on the music, and they’re happy to help you with that)

Lag: 3/10 (All clubs are laggy, but this is rather flowing due to it’s small size. However, attendants dances, animations, gestures and particles can create pretty much lag. Thankfully, these aren’t as overused as in most other clubs)

Music: 7/10 (depending on DJ, but all of them are rockin’)

Personal rating: 9/10 (I come here almost every day, the music is great and both the staff and the regular visitors are very friendly)

SLURL (updated 30th Dec 2011)


Photos by Morphman

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